About us

Necessity is the mother of the invention.

This quote is perfectly apt for the Genesis of our company “GATE INDIA ELECTRONICS Pvt. Ltd” and our first product “Gate 60 – scientific calculator”.

Gate60 is an ed-tech tools startup based in Visakhapatnam, India, to create an impact with our innovative and adaptive product in the ed-tech tools space.

Our mission is to build empowering tools for aspiring young engineers in competitive exams. With Gate60, we aim to address the gaps that hinder the aspirant’s performance. 

Gate60 is a scientific calculator exclusively designed and developed for the student community appearing for various premier examinations conducted in online mode. Gate60 looks and functions the same as the Virtual calculator provided for online exams, thus making it easier for candidates to practice well and score better. 

This startup is founded by a few fresh postgraduates from diverse engineering disciplines. The idea for developing our first product had sprouted from our difficulty during preparation for the GATE examination. 

The zeal to find solutions for the problem and aspirations to work towards the betterment of society was realized with the launch of “Gate 60”.