Before we get into the details of the importance of GATE and how it will further and help you own a car in the post unemployment era, let’s see what it really takes on a root level to crack GATE exam.

Every engineer has to admit this, in four years of engineering we have honed a superpower or at least accustomed to the tradition of “one night stand”, “one night batting” or simply put finishing the whole syllabus in one go and most of the times we either managed to clear the subject or comfortably topped the list. well, those miracles happen in engineering but when it comes to GATE examination those superpowers become obsolete.

GATE examination demands a certain skill set and wants the smart one in you to put at work. When someone says “you need to work smart, not hard”, the first question arises in our mind is now what the hell is this smart work or how do I become a smart individual first ?… Don’t worry we got you covered everything or everyone has a start point, stay tuned with us to break down this so -called “smart work ” and how to crack GATE.

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How to start GATE preparation while pursuing Btech:

I still remember the day when my Thermodynamics sir walked into the class 

for the first time and the first sentence he told was ” guys, I have qualified 

GATE for six times and out of which two times with three-digit number “. The 

whole class stunned and for a while he looked like a superhero, how can he 

possibly qualify that many times that too consistently. Later that year he 

bagged a job in PSU too, sure shot superman he is. Okay now coming back to

the question how can we start our preparation while we are still in second or 

probably in the third year, the first thing you do is log into the GATE official 

portal and download the syllabus. see unlike your academic syllabus, GATE 

exam syllabus is very precise.

Let’s start with making yourself aware of the basic information.

Exam Pattern:


a. General Aptitude acts as a compulsory section for all papers and it carries 

15%  weightage of the total marks.

b. You are not allowed to carry any type of calculator. A virtual calculator will 

be provided to candidates for calculation.

C. You are not allowed to carry any form of material or a rough sheet. A 

scribble pad will be provided to the test takers for rough work.

The GATE 2020 question paper consists of two types of questions and they 

are listed below:

1. Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs): For every question, 4 options will be there 

out of which one is correct.

2. Numerical Answer Type :

           a. All the answers to these questions will be real numbers where the 

               candidate must enter the answer with the help of a virtual keyboard.

           b. No choices will be provided for this type of questions.

           C. No negative marking will be there for NAT questions.