Hacks to improve your GATE study plan


For GATE exam you need to spend a dedicate 6 months of preparation, so how do you keep yourself consistent throughout the prep, here are some of the tips that will help you boost your study plan.

1.Analyse Previous Papers:

This is the foremost thing to do as a gate aspirant, start analysing previous papers and find out which topics to be given more time and which topics to be left out.

There is also easy way to do this click here to find out the weightage.

2.Judge the Syllabus:

Gate syllabus is way different from your academic syllabus, download the syllabus and get a hard copy of it and start understanding it.

By having a combined knowledge on previous year paper analysis and syllabus you should be able categorize the syllabus into

  • Compulsory concepts
  • Moderate concepts
  • concepts of less importance

3.Select good study material:

At least two shades must be used like the most basic blue, black combo, I know that’s hard for engineer to maintain a pen let alone set of colours. Again, making your short notes doesn’t mean you end up making it a kindergarten drawing sheet. Using different shades will help your brain to map the data easier, okay I hopefully will prove that biology part sometime later.

4.Make a Study plan:

We are actually good at this; the only difference is, in our four years of engineering we planned our study plan the night before our exam and now we have to do it months before the gate exam.

5.Take regular study brakes:

We are not doctor strange form avengers, it takes lot to get concentration and one way to do this is by taking regular breaks in between your study time like 5-10 mins break for every one hour. this will help you from getting tried,

Just go for a walk, talk with friends and strictly no screen time in those 5 mins that will end up as half an hour.

6.Draw diagrams , Schematics:

It’s too boring to read theory, so whenever you finish a topic try to crunch those date into a structured form, use tables, hierarchy, schematics