How to prepare Short Notes


Just imagine yourself being just a few days away from GATE exam, the biggest day you have must have been for working for the past six months and most the important part comes here that you had to revise all those concepts you have been preparing for a while now. Obviously, you won’t be able to revise all your class notes or textbooks a day before the exam, for that you need short notes.

Does that mean you could just randomly cut short your class notes or just write down every other important definition you have read in text book, a big NO for that.

Here are few tips that we could share to you to ace your preparation.

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Getting Started:

when you are set out to read a chapter or particular topic, just go through the entire topic just like the way you read a novel and try to highlight the important definitions, formulas with a pencil or highlighter. After finishing the topic, you might end up with little mental picture of the entire topic, now try to put that in the short notes.

Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v:

Just copying the whole matter doesn’t make any sense for that you could go with a cam scanner or a screenshot instead. Have a comprehensive understanding of the topic and then proceed to prepare the short notes.

Colourful Pens:

At least two shades must be used like the most basic blue, black combo, I know that’s hard for engineer to maintain a pen let alone set of colours. Again, making your short notes doesn’t mean you end up making it a kindergarten drawing sheet. Using different shades will help your brain to map the data easier, okay I hopefully will prove that biology part sometime later.

Brain Maps:

Do it in a back-bencher way, while anyone could write up the points only few could make it in a pictorial representation, so be that guy. Making tree, cyclic, arrow, hierarchy diagrams or mind maps always act as a bonus to your notes, they will help you a lot to understand the topics well and are easier to remember during the exam.

Use loose sheets:

Loose sheets always come in handy during making short notes for GATE, as while revising you don’t have to pick up the entire notebook, but just the sheet of the particular topic you are revising.